**BIG News**


Keiki (Kids) Program (Ages 7-13) starting November 2015! 

Wednesdays and Fridays @ 17:00

If you enroll your child before October 1st, receive the "Early Bird - 1st Tier" discount of a FREE uniform for your child and the first three months of classes for $99!  That's over $70 in savings!  If you enroll your child before October 31st, receive the "Early Bird - 2nd Tier" discount of a FREE uniform for your child, standard tuition charges apply.  For the greatest savings, shoot for our "Early Bird - Grand Tier" discount.  The "Grand Tier" is obtained by qualifying for (at least) the "Early Bird - 2nd Tier" AND recruiting (at least) one buddy.  Buddy must sign up during one of the "Early Bird" specials, and must provide the name of the referring student. Contact us to find out the enormous discount "Grand Tier" grants. Limited spots available, contact us today!

Combat Fitness Now Available

Mondays @ 17:15

Combat Fitness is the result of martial artist, Sifu Hood (2nd Degree Black Belt in Kajukenbo Tum Pai), and personal trainer, Mike Walsh (United States Marine Corps active veteran) joining forces.  Combat Fitness classes are not for the faint of heart! Combat Fitness is a high intensity workout designed to incorporate fight-skill development using drills from disciplines such as weightlifting/conditioning, boxing, Muay Thai, Kajukenbo, and grappling.  Combat Fitness will help the dedicated improve his/her strength, coordination, focus, speed, endurance, and technique.  This is a hardcore class and we want dedicated participants only.  Boxing hand wraps required - bring your own or purchase here (can also be purchased on-site).  Cost: $10 Drop-in Fee // 10-Class Punch Cards for $80 (%20 Savings!)

Punching Bag


We teach a style of martial art called Kajukenbo Tum Pai. The techniques that students learn have helped some achieve regional, national, and even world champion status. Even though the techniques and lessons learned with our program can be used in competition, our training is not based on the tournament floor. We teach life lessons within a relevant, street-applicable art of self-defense. Our program is constantly updating to fit the ever-changing world around us.


Hood's Martial Arts Academy is the premier martial arts program in Salem, Oregon, dedicated to helping our students achieve personal excellence. Our Kajukenbo Tum Pai program is designed to teach students to strengthen their weaknesses and realize their personal strengths through self-defense training. 

Everyone trains for his or her own reasons, and those reasons often change as the student progresses. At Hood's Martial Arts Academy, the individual student's needs and interests are taken into account when material is being taught. Our system adapts to the student's body and mentality.

People of all ages and from every walk of life can benefit from our program. With us, the student can go at his or her own pace. With us, there are no long term contracts. Once you start your journey to personal excellence with Hood's Martial Arts Academy, we know you will continue.

Interested in starting your journey? Check out our Schedule and Contact us for more information.