We teach the effective self-defense system of Kajukenbo Tum Pai. Kajukenbo is a Hawaiian-born mixed martial art designed with street self-defense as its focus. Our art is a blend of KArate, JiUjitsu/JUdo, KENpo, and BOxing (Chinese and Western). Tum Pai (Central Way) represents the influence of Tai Chi in our art, the result of a desire to create a balanced art - utilizing both "hard" and "soft" techniques.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a moving meditation with many health and martial benefits. Practitioners gain flexibility, balance, self awareness, and many other benefits just by practicing a simple series of movements. This class is open to all ages and experience levels.


Combat Fitness is a high energy workout class designed to burn calories, burn fat, build endurance, and build strength. Combat Fitness utilizes a mix of traditional exercises and martial arts training such as Kickboxing, Jiu-jitsu, and Karate.

Everything you need to get fit and learn self-defense.


Hood's MAA partners with Northwest Forge personal training to offer a one-stop place to provide everything you need to be healthy and be safe. Our facility is equipped with all the essential martial arts equipment needed for effective self-defense training. In addition, our facility boasts an excellent workout area, thanks to Northwest Forge. We're always updating to provide the best, most-effective experience possible. Whether your goal is specifically fitness, self-defense, or somewhere in between, we have you covered.



Brittany M.

"I went to Hood's Martial Arts Academy for a couple months before my school schedule changed and I became very busy. I loved it. Everyone there is so welcoming and you become part of the family quickly. They care about each other. I would highly recommend trying this place."

Audrey B.

"Great place to train if you are looking for authentic martial arts training. Real life applications and family friendly."

Rick C.

"I highly recommend checking this school out. The instructor is outstanding and the instruction is geared to each student's individual progress. This is an excellent place to introduce your children to the martial arts. The personal values taught can be taken out of class and used in every day life. Visitors can drop in and observe a class to see what goes on. The school is made up of really good people who train for all the right reasons."

Tonja S.

"I have been training with Sifu Caleb about 5 years now in Kajukenbo Tum Pai Gung Fu. I started with Tai Chi to help with my balance and coordination - both negatively impacted by my Multiple Sclerosis. The Tai Chi was so helpful to me that I decided to try Kung Fu. It has been "remarkable" - which is what my neurologist has said about my health over these past 5 years - no relapses and no changes in my MRIs. I know the work I do with Hood's Martial Arts Academy has played a big role in my stability and a new-found confidence in my body since being diagnosed with MS. All are welcomed and all gain from this experience."

Kelly H.

"I train here on occasion and always have a great experience. The instructor is great when working with kids and adults of all ability levels. Would recommend!"

Kim W.

"I come from a martial arts background in Ohio. I instruct Shinsei hapkido and women's self defense classes. I moved from Ohio two years ago. In this last year, I felt the need to start training again and was looking for a Tai Chi instructor. I picked Hood Martial Arts Academy out of the book. Once I started the course, Sifu Caleb and I made I connection in regards to the self defense courses. We are now partnering to provide the self defense classes. I can tell you how fortunate I am to have found this dojo. I may have thought that I just picked Hood Martial Arts from the book but I now believe God lead me to this place. I believe Sifu Caleb and his instructors to be honest, well versed in their art and family friendly. I have missed my martial arts family so it is great to have found a new extension of that family at Hood Martial Arts Academy."

Mike W.

"This guy is top notch. He knows his stuff thoroughly, is a gifted teacher, and an absolute delight to learn from. I highly recommend him to anyone! Regardless of age or experience."

Meghan D.

"Caleb is an excellent instructor. My sons first class was a hit and he can't wait to go back!"

Tasi K.

"Not only are the instructors knowledgeable, but they are honestly rooted in the culture of the arts they teach and practice. We are blessed to have Hoods Martial Arts Academy in Salem."

We offer self-defense classes for adults and kids.


At Hood's MAA, we believe EVERYONE should be healthy and be safe. Offering classes for adults and kids provides an avenue for the whole family to learn new skills, have fun, and strengthen relationships. Family discounts are available.



Tai Chi classes to help you find balance in life.


We believe in balance. People work hard and rarely care for themselves. Our Tai Chi class is a chance to "check out" and focus on the self. Not only do we focus on relaxation in our Yang style Tai Chi, but also balance, flexibility, mobility, strength, and structure. We attempt to help students bring the skills learned in this class out into their day-to-day lives. In addition to the health benefits of Tai Chi, as a martial art, it also provides students with a self-defense skillset. 


Tai Chi

High intensity workout combined with martial arts.


No belt ranks, just sweat. If you're looking for a short, explosive workout that combines strength and conditioning with combat skills, Hood's MAA Combat Fitness is where you should be. Combat Fitness utilizes circuit training/HIIT workouts and skill-building drills taken from martial arts like Muay Thai, Western Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, and Judo. This is a great class for those that need to fit a workout in on a tight schedule, or maybe for those that just need to punch something.