Application for Access to Hood's MAA Online Training

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I understand that, If applying for access to ranks ABOVE White-Advanced, a $15 access fee will be added to my monthly tuition.
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Our online training section is for those that want to practice at home (or anywhere else with a connection to the internet). It's also for those that may need to be absent from classes for an extended period of time (out of town, illness, work schedule changes, etc.), but would like to continue their practice until life allows them to return. As you progress through the ranks you will have the option to access higher rank content. The first two belt ranks are provided free of charge at appropriate rank (e.g. White belt cannot access White-Advanced content until he/she has promoted). If a student wishes to continue receiving higher rank content, a $15 access fee will be added to monthly tuition. Students must be currently attending classes, or make arrangements with Sifu Caleb to obtain/maintain access during long-term absence. All content is password protected and sole property of Hood's Martial Arts Academy. Any downloading or sharing is strictly prohibited and is punishable. *By accessing the online training content you agree that you will not copy, download, distribute, share, or otherwise duplicate the online training materials.