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Sabotaging Martial Arts Training During the Holidays

It's easy. Too easy. The delicious food is there, no one cares if you take another serving... Your martial training will, though. Sorry to be a grinch, but we're so close to making it through the holidays. Flex that discipline muscle and your training will thank you. 

The old adage "you can't out-exercise a bad diet" is absolutely true. The holidays is where we tend to slip up. Modern Era Fitness discusses how to not fall prey to the temptation and how to maintain our healthy and safe lifestyles. Listen as Mike and Sifu Caleb give you the tools to stay healthy during the holidays. They discuss ways to eat smarter and stay active, even when grandma is pushing that pecan pie down our throat.

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Sifu Caleb Hood is a martial arts instructor at Hood's Martial Arts Academy in Salem, Oregon. He currently offers classes in the Hawaiian-born self-defense system of Kajukenbo Tum Pai, as well as Yang style Tai Chi and cross-trains in Brazilian Jiujitsu. He has experience training people from all age groups and ability levels. He is always eager to share the arts he practices with anyone that has a good attitude and a willingness to work hard. In addition to teaching self-defense through martial arts, Sifu Caleb Hood also promotes a healthy lifestyle, emphasizing healthy physical habits, as well as healthy mental habits. To learn more about the classes offered by Sifu Caleb Hood, or about the art of Kajukenbo Tum Pai or Tai Chi, visit the Hood's Martial Arts Academy website here