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Tracking Your Progress: Worth It

Martial arts and any ranked fitness curriculum inherently has a method of tracking progress.  It's called "Instructor".  The instructor is monitoring and, when ready, produces a visible note of your progress in the form of a new belt (or marking, or title, etc.).  There's a more personal method of tracking that we do in our martial arts school and I find it invaluable.  Journaling.  It's vital that we write down our material as we learn it, affecting multiple parts of our brain.  It also provides a visual timeline of your progress and the material you've learned.  If you're just now starting your martial journey, don't wait!  Start journaling immediately.  The later someone starts, the more daunting the task seems. 

"...don't wait!  Start journaling immediately.  The later someone starts, the more daunting the task seems."

"What should I journal?"  Anything and everything!  Self-defense techniques, katas/forms, drills, principles, the name of the person that showed you the material, targets, everything!  The more complete the record, the better.  Bonus: when a martial artist is old and senile, which all of us head in that direction, that martial artist will still have a connection to the material should s/he ever decide to come back after an extended break.  They make great gifts to special students from his/her instructors too.  The student feels as if they just received a book of DaVinci's sketches and immediately start pouring over the material.

Below is a link to a more broad discussion on tracking progress and results.  Enjoy!

Modern Era Fitness - Ep 016 - Tracking Progress

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Sifu Caleb Hood is a martial arts instructor at Hood's Martial Arts Academy in Salem, Oregon. He currently offers classes in the Hawaiian-born self-defense system of Kajukenbo Tum Pai, as well as Yang style Tai Chi. He has experience training people from all age groups and ability levels. He is always eager to share the arts he practices with anyone that has a good attitude and a willingness to work hard. In addition to teaching self-defense through martial arts, Sifu Caleb Hood also promotes a healthy lifestyle, emphasizing healthy physical habits, as well as healthy mental habits. To learn more about the classes offered by Sifu Caleb Hood, or about the art of Kajukenbo Tum Pai or Tai Chi, visit the Hood's Martial Arts Academy website here