We teach the effective self-defense system of Kajukenbo Tum Pai. Kajukenbo is a Hawaiian-born mixed martial art designed with street self-defense as its focus. Our art is a blend of KArate, JiUjitsu/JUdo, KENpo, and BOxing (Chinese and Western). Tum Pai (Central Way) represents the influence of Tai Chi in our art, the result of a desire to create a balanced art - utilizing both "hard" and "soft" techniques.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a moving meditation with many health and martial benefits. Practitioners gain flexibility, balance, self awareness, and many other benefits just by practicing a simple series of movements. This class is open to all ages and experience levels.


Combat Fitness is a high energy workout class designed to burn calories, burn fat, build endurance, and build strength. Combat Fitness utilizes a mix of traditional exercises and martial arts training such as Kickboxing, Jiu-jitsu, and Karate.